"All Knocked Out"

Kathryn is feeling faint...

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14 Scenes / 88 Minutes

Drac Is Back!
Mixing Medications
Never Talk To Strangers!
Father Daughter Reunion
Watch Out For Pepsi Drinkers!
World's Worst Kidnapper
Haven't You Had Enough?
Chloro-Man Is Back!
Better Than A VCR!
Is She Dead Jed?
Drac's Still Hungry!
She's Burning Up!
Homecoming, Indeed?

Our beautiful, Damsels In Distress are certainly at their best in All Knocked Out! Kathryn is drugged by a goon she meets in a bar, chloroformed later by the infamous Chloro-Man and then, "falls" victim to a nasty virus! Lea is drugged by the World's Worst Kidnapper, has A Sleepy reunion with "Dad," and ends up being Drac's main course in the end... Meshel is at her usual best as she provides Drac his early evening meal, passes out after having one too many, is robbed by a guy who leaves the electronics behind and takes Meshel instead... Next, she's rescued from kidnappers and finally is ravaged by a nasty intruder in, "Homecoming, Indeed?" Carey mixes some medications and gives us a great performance while she is passing out, falls victim to Chloro-Man and is found unconscious in the woods by two dart players in, "Is She Dead, Jed?"

Lots of carries, a few laughs and plenty of delicious, Sleepy girls to dream of... We did!

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