"All Knocked Out II"

11 Sleepy / Carry Scenes!

(Total Running Time: 106 minutes)

Through These Walls!
Spy vs Spy
Two, Too Many
World's Worst Kidnapper (conclusion)
It Stings!
Stay Awake, Next Time
Video Virgin
Drugged & Kidnapped
This Will Relax You!
For Hire, For Ransom!
Where To, Now?

You told us you loved "All Knocked Out!" So, here is what you asked for, "All Knocked Out II!" It is a continuation of the time you get to spend with our lovely models: Lea, Carey, Meshel and Kathryn. Don't worry, they are still contending with all sorts of Sleepy Peril! Carry On!

Meshel is rendered unconscious during a botched kidnapping, then, in a spy thriller, she is confronted by a former friend from military spy school, who demands the top secret program she is selling to the enemy! Not to worry, Meshel will weather these situations in her unique Sleepy style that you have grown to love! Our beautiful model, Carey, has one too many... Kathryn is abducted by a kidnapper who better stick to his day job! In spite of the schlock kidnapping, what occurs is one of her best Sleepy performances! Proving that even Kathryn can get carried away with alcohol, she has one too many after she breaks up with her dorky boyfriend... Lea takes center stage when she goes limp in, "Through These Walls" and in the tradition of the AKO series, Lea has one too many and passes out cold... This leads to some great carrying... Mmmm! For the viewers of AKO, you will find out the ending of, "The World's Worst Kidnapper" Later, Lea has an allergic reaction to an insect bite and needs some medical attention - her friend makes the supreme sacrifice by sucking the poison out of her wound - it's a tough job, but somebody has to do it! Lea takes her turn with insomnia and receives a "stimulating" massage in "This Will Relax You..."

We have been told that our girls are among the "...best actresses we've seen in any fetish video..." You can be the judge when you see, "All Knocked Out II!"


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