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There are certainly more to add to this list. Please email me any corrections, additions and frame grabs and the list will be updated. Due to the increasing length of the list, we respectfully ask that you submit only arm carries where the actress is pretending to be unconscious, dead, asleep or passed-out(drunk). For example, "North Dallas Forty" should not be included because (a) there is no arm carry, and (b) there is an overhead carry but the actress is awake and fully aware. If we were to include films that feature non-'sleepy' arm carries as well, the list would probably be ten times longer than it already is.
Adam is maintaining a list of Over-The-Shoulder carries: 
This is the key to my (Grayle's) opinion of how good (or bad) each carry scene is. My rating does not account for the quality of the movie/show/video/whatever - even if the carry is awful, the movie may still be worth watching...
= pathetic
= disappointing
= ok
= good
= great!

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A new divx file uploaded, 'The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh'

Thanks to Grayle for the new vidcaps.


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Special thanks to everyone who has sent in contributions for our list!
To submit a title or an image, please it to me with "Carry Scenes" in the subject of the email.
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