Jet Lag

Christina had just spent a grueling 3 days in Seattle modeling at a trade show. She had attended a going away party the night before and barely made it to the airport to catch her flight home. Then, the flight was delayed for hours in Denver on the return trip. After almost 12 hours onroute, she finally made it for her visit and shoot date with Sleeping Beauties. Allan picked her up at the airport and seeing how tired she was, suggested she ride in the back seat and let her equipment ride in front - taxi style...

While Allan was jabbering about what they would have for dinner,
Christina fell fast asleep in the back.

When they arrived at Allan's condo, out of the goodness of his heart, he decided to carry her in so that Christina could catch up on her sleep... After all, he wanted her to be fresh for the next day's shoot. Poor Christina was sooo tired that she barely stirred (except for a few sighs and moans) as he lifted her from the back seat of the car up into his arms and...

Two new AVI's from "Jet Lag." Depending on your preference, you can enjoy our warm, delicious Christina being arm carried in two different styles...
AVI Files... Enjoy...
OTS Version
(Christina-JetLag-OTS-Sm.avi - 4.4MB - 52 seconds)
A/C Version (Christina-JetLag-Sm.avi - 3.8MB - 46 seconds)

Watch for "Jet Lag" as part of the upcoming video release, "All Knocked Out IV."
AKO IV will be available in two versions (OTS and Arm Carry), very similar to our
previous release, "
All Knocked Out III".

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