"Sleepy Meshel"

8 Great Sleepy Scenes!

(Total Running Time: 84 minutes)

Spider Bite
Massage Therapy
The Inept Kidnapper
A Sleepy Visit
Nightmare: The Producer
File Footage: Her First Time
The Thief!
She Needs A Doctor!

You asked for it, Meshel Lynn solo! In a once-in-a-lifetime performance, Meshel is kidnapped, bitten by a spider, gassed, plays a nervous actress who drinks too much to overcome her first shooting jitters, becomes the sexiest burgular you'll ever want to see, receives a lengthy massage to overcome three days of insomnia and more!

If you enjoyed Meshel in All Knocked Out - we know by the response that you did, you'll love Sleepy Meshel! You'll fall in love with Meshel all over again - we did!

A few contacts to give you a little better look...

A carry-feast for all Meshel Lynn fans!

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