A Sleepy Sampler
hosted by
Meshel Lynn

NTSC / VHS Stereo / TRT: 76:40
We have received a number of requests from new visitors about our videos and several emails encouraging us to offer a sample video, so we have finally done it, "A Sleepy Sampler!" The video has generous portions featuring all models who appear in our videos, as well as an opportunity to spend a relaxing evening with Meshel - when she is just being herself. Below are sample images, a brief description of each story and the Sleeping Beauties video the scene is featured in. You will note that there are two new scenes with Meshel, and a suitable sleepy surprise at the end of the video. Poor Meshel, after a hard day at work, falls asleep and needs to be carried to where she can sleep more comfortably.
Nice work, if you can get it!

Included Segments

 Scene 1
 The Ghoul - Christina

California Dreamin'
Christina visits a cemetery to locate a loved ones grave. She tries to make herself comfortable, in spite of feeling that it is one creepy place! As Christina pays her respects, The Ghoul makes his presence known. Chrissy runs away, but ultimately, faints at the hands of the hooded skullman! The story takes a surprise turn when Christina is rescued from the clutches of the Ghoul by a passer by. He carries our fainted heroine to the car and takes off. Nice work, by the man in the Buick!

 Scene 2
 World's Worst Kidnapper - Lea

 All Knocked Out
Lea arrives home from work, unaware that a kidnapper is lurking in her apartment. The plan is to kidnap Lea and hold her for ransom. Little does she know that the perpetrators are guys who used to work for her Father. The plan hits a snag when it is learned that the amount of drug administered was enough to knockout a girl weighing 100 pounds more than Lea. There are some anxious moments before Lea is carried off by her abductor.

 Scene 3
 Mixing Medications - Carey

 All Knocked Out
Carey is out in the woods alone working on a school nature project. She is taking allergy medicine along with some other meds. She has a severe reaction to the combination of drugs and just manages to call her boyfriend before she lapses into unconsciousness. Carey's performance in this scene is nothing short of fantastic and she falls victim to the chemical mismatch in her body.

 Scene 4
 Rescued - Meshel

 All Knocked Out
Meshel has been kidnapped and drugged. A detective hired by her Father locates the unconscious girl. She awakens briefly, after the detective unties her, at first mistaking him for her captors. Meshel seems to recover enough to know she is safe, just prior to fainting. The detective phones her Father and then carries the limp, scantily clad girl to safety. A real feast for the eyes!

 Scene 5
 Drac, The Hustler - Katie

  The Landlord, Too!
Katie's pool practice is interrupted by our old friend, Drac! He startles her after she sinks a great bank shot and beautiful Katie falls limp into Drac's arms. Drac places her on the table and has a quick nibble on her delicious neck before carrying her off into the night. "Drac, the Hustler," This is a very popular showcase for Katies charms and has established her as one of our most popular girls.

 Scene 6
 The Inept Kidnapper - Meshel

 Sleepy Meshel
Meshel is chloroformed by the most absent minded kidnapper of all time. He is complaining that the kidnapping game is just too much work and he is, "Too old for this sh**!" If you love seeing a Sleeping Beauty flop around in her abductors arms while he searches for a telephone, something to write on... Finally, Meshel awakens and tries to help him out, by calling to get the address she is to be taken to. "The Inept Kidnapper" is hilarious stuff and our Meshel is at her beautiful, sleepy best!

 Scene 7
Chloroman Returns - Kathryn

 All Knocked Out II

Kathryn's performance in this scene is nothing short of phenomenal! She screams so loudly when she is confronted by her abductor that you may want to turn your TV's volume down, in order to prevent windows from braking. You will see why Kathryn has gone on to more serious work as an actress.

 Scene 8
The Ghoulman Pays A Visit! - Meshel

 Previously Unreleased

All I can say is wait until you see Meshel on your TV in that outfit - lord have mercy! Meshel is sitting pretty at home planning on watching a little Sleepy TV, when our favorite Ghoul appears on the scene. Meshel takes one look at the skullman and falls limp on the sofa. The Ghoul will be the envy of all, as he carries Meshel... stopping several times, trying to decide where to take her. WOW!

 Scene 9
How Low Can It Go? - Meshel

 Previously Unreleased
A tender, new story starring Meshel as a girl with a blood sugar problem. Her friend arrives on the scene to find Meshel slurring her words about to go into a diabetic coma. He gives her some juice, but it is too late. He has to take beautiful Meshel to get help. As always, Meshel is fantastic!

 Bonus Scene
The Reporter - Sara

 Unreleased Photo Story

Last year when we first met Sara, we shot a story called, "The Reporter." We have received so many requests to include the footage in a video, that we decided to include it here as a bonus. Beautiful Sara plays a news reporter who arrives on location to meet her boss. By the time he arrives, Sara has passed out in the car. He finds her, attempts to awaken her and finally moves her to his car to take her for medical help. You may click on the above link to find the complete set of stills from this segment.

Sara may also be seen in "
The Landlord," "The Landlord, Too"
and the upcoming final chapter of the saga, "
Landord III: The Final Eviction."
At the end her exhausting day, having just gone back to work after a vacation in the tropics and still experiencing jet lag, poor Meshel just couldn't keep her eyes open and fell fast asleep. The least that your old Sleepy Producer could do was to tenderly carry our beauty to her bedroom. Any saliva that you see dripping off of his lips is the result of not eating all day, not because Meshel looked so suntanned and delicous! I only wish that all of you could have been there...


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