Sweet Dreams
Christina's new solo video
TRT: 99 minutes

There are great Sleepy scenes, Arm and OTS carries in this video.
It also includes "Secret Agent Christina", a recent custom video...
Viewer comments:

What can I say about Sweet Dreams. A tour de force by Christina. What a talented young lady. Everything I could possible want in a carrying video was there. I can honestly say that these
two videos (Captain Corona II and Sweet Dreams) will become personal favorites in my collection. I hope the next two new videos are about ready. As soon as you release them my check will be in the mail. Keep up the good work.
MICHAEL 10/30/01

Well Hello there Allan! You can probably guess from my jubilant buoyant mood that I have watched the first of my new videos. Sweet Dreams starring The Ever Impressive Christina and right from the opening scene I was going wild - as you could probably imagine. The drunk two man carry up the stairs to her apartment was very very cool indeed. That dress she was wearing rocked my boat!

There was no part of the video that did not fail to impress me.

Secret Agent Christina was a good well directed and acted mini movie. At first when I saw Christina in her combat gear I thought "oh no, you can't keep your body covered up in those clothes" - but I knew my favourite Sleepy Producer wouldn'l let me down.

As Meshel is about to go into temporary sleepy retirement, I think that it is quite appropriate and proper that the new Sleepy Queen Crown be presented to Christina. She has proved herself to be very versatile (not to mention beautiful) in all of her endeavors and no video with her in it is too long.

I shall watch the video again but this time pay a little more attention to the dialogue aswell, my mind was elsewhere watching it first time around (LOL).  TONY 11/4/01

Sweet Dreams is right up there with the best videos! I may even go as far as to say it is possibly the best yet because it has everything in it. I am an OTS fan and you did not forget me on this one. Christina is the best "Sleepy Girl" that I have ever seen. She must love doing the videos - she is just FABULOUS! I noticed in the credits - YES, I read them - that she is interested in doing Custom Videos. I am going to write my script and send it to you next week.

Please keep up the wonderful work! You guys are the best!  
BRAD 1/18/02

In Sweet Dreams, Christina did the BEST performance. I've never seen a woman let her body go SO limp and relaxed like she does. Talk about convincing! How does she get her body so relaxed and floppy? On every scene when she passes out, her arms(even hands), legs, torso, ect. look like jello! I just watched in amazement. I've seen videos where the female is supposed to be out cold, and when she is being arm-carried, she holds her arms in a stiff position (same thing happens w/ots carry with both the arms and legs). I noticed that she even allowed her head to roll naturally as well. I've seen other girls hold their heads up in an unreal, upright position. Lastly, Christina is a very beautiful young woman. You definitely did great in hiring her Allan.

If you could let Christina know that I thought the video was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!
MARCUS 1/8/02

Christina says, THANK YOU! to all of her fans that took the time to write!


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